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Passionate About Empowering Others

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world, had it all sorted and one day all had changed? 

Glenn is passionate about showing the young adults today that they do not have to be the best in the world, only the best in their world. He shares his message through funny, relevant stories that will Empower the Next Generation of High School Students and Young Adults. 


Going through High School, Glenn had the feeling of success at his fingers. He was following his dream of competitive swimming when a few decisions changed his whole journey. As many young adults do, Glenn took on a workload that left him falling behind in school, failing in his swimming and feeling like he couldn't win in his journey. From the biggest high to the struggles all teenagers seem to face, Glenn has seen them all. This allows him to relate to the teenagers in a captivating manner. 


"Glenn's greatest strength is his ability to talk the teens language in a simple yet funny and relatable manner"


Through his journey and after years of working with young adults, he has developed an understanding of the 4 Major Teenage Desires, the desires all teenagers have that determine the way they act, respond and behave to different situations. By levereging this knowledge, Glenn has developed his Empowered Teen Series which is a series of proven workshops designed to allow your teenagers to become the best version of them possible!

Dani Dielesen - Head Coach, Breakers Swim Club

Glenn Gerber

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Glenn Gerber Show Reel

Glenn Gerber Show Reel
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Glenn Gerber Highlights

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