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Passionate About Empowering Individuals 

Have you just taken a leap into a new journey? Perhaps you are a little unsure, anxious or scared of what things may look like in the near future and who it is you really want to be? Perhaps Mum and Dad are a bit concerned...if so, lets chat and see if Glenn can help!

Working with Glenn

We all know there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to humans! With this is mind, one on one coaching sessions are designed to be dynamic and fit in around the needs of each individual! 

From personality profiling to working through the Empowered Teen program, Glenn will ensure the sessions are adjusted for each individuals requirements!

"Hearing Glenn speak was amazing. Working with him 1:1 takes it to a whole new level!"

Peter - Empowered Teen 

Where to Start?

So where do we begin? First off, click the button on the right to organise a time where he can chat with you. This will determine the two big aspects that ensure maximum value will be gained.

Firstly, is Glenn the right coach for you? Does he have the skills and knowledge to help you?

Secondly, are you coachable?

From here, we can set some ground rules and begin working towards those big dreams and ambitions! 

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